About Us

Welcome to Luv My Flowers Wholesale! We are a small family owned business from sunny San Diego California. Our passion is to inspire others and make every day count. Our family consist of beautiful baby Elena Joy, energetic Christian, hubby Paul and momma Jessica. Founded in 2018, Luv My Flowers Wholesale is a San Diego based environmentally friendly small business that offers hand crafted Sola Wood Flower bouquets, home décor products and individual flowers. Our Eco-friendly approach is inspired by the beauty sola wood flowers provide, so we develop our products with love, passion and an artistic touch in every flower bouquet or product created. We do this with the help of local skilled craftsmen and women, which also allows us to contribute to the local economy. Every step in our bouquet making process is done by hand by our skillful florists. 

Our approach is to sell “one sola flower at a time”, earning the trust and loyalty of each customer by providing high quality eco-friendly products that exceed our customers' expectations. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone or perhaps a little treat for yourself, Luv My Flowers Wholesale is the easiest and most reliable business to shop for sola wood flowers online. We hope you like our Sola Flowers that last forever!